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How To

To use the Candu collar follow these steps:

1. Unbuckle.

2. Enlarge the inner loop and place over your dogs head. 

3. Find desired fit around neck. (not too loose)

4. Adjust lead via tri-glide and wrap around neck.

5. Refasten buckle.

Slip collar functionality only engages when the buckle is released. When the Candu collar slip lead is not engaged, the collar acts as a typical dog collar would. It includes a d-ring for your dog's identification tags or a regular leash. 

Slip leads and leashes are designed for dogs that pull against collars. When the dog pulls, the loop tightens and applies pressure to discourage the behavior. Keep slip lead snug and directly behind the ears. It is a safe, humane way to train your pup.

If you are completely unfamiliar with slip leads/leashes, we advise consulting a dog trainer, vet or expert.