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Switch Collar 4pk
Switch Collar 4pk

Switch Collar 4pk

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The Switch Collar is a single collar that has interchangeable patterns. Simply release both buckles from the black base and snap in a fresh new look. And you don't even need to tediously take off your dog's name tag and or license, it stays on the base. 

We created this collar to allow owners and pets to have a little fun and variety through out the year.  For those owners who do not dress their dogs up in clothes, scarfs and other outfits, the switch collar gives you the ability to have more practical fashion. Our first four patterns were designed with a seasonal theme in mind. We have fall, winter, spring and summer. Our goal is to eventually add patterns for holidays, teams, movements etc..

We offer two base types with the switch collar. One is a regular base sewn together flat and the other is a martingale base. We suggest getting the regular base if you use a harness to walk your dog. If you use a leash and collar when walking, get the martingale base (which helps with pulling). 

Medium - Fits necks 12 - 17 inches

Large - Fits necks 17 - 23 inches